I am an experienced wildlife photographer based near Oxford, England.
My love for the natural world was sparked whilst I was in my teenage years watching black and white wildlife t/v programmes during the 1950's. This developed as years passed by, with never the thought that visiting the places and creatures shown would be a possibility. When I was fortunate enough to receive a Minolta XG1 camera as a Christmas (1980) present from my wife, the marriage of this new (to me) form of technology and the love of the natural world was an automatic step.

Being new to this form of technology I decided to join the small camera club in the village where I live,4 miles west of Oxford, England ( I was born and I have lived within 15 miles of this beautiful and historic city all of my life).

To improve my photography, I very soon joined a much larger and more progressive club, The Oxford Photographic Society, where I have been a member for more than thirty years.

Since my retirement from work in 2008 I have been fortunate to visit many of the destinations, previously, considered beyond 'possibility'.

This pastime I find very rewarding both photographically and in terms of appreciating the natural world.

I now give a range of presentations made up of a talk with projected images and prints on several wildlife topics to audiences in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. I visit camera clubs, W.I. and other community groups. The presentations last around 2 hours but can be tailored to meet most needs.

If you are interested in receiving details please contact me on this website.

For the techno 'geeks' out there, the equipment I use is all Canon. This comprises of a 7D and 1DX bodies with a selection of zoom and prime lenses.

Ivor Porter - 2018