Great website

Terrific website Ivor, you're not just a pretty face you're nearly as good as you always say you are!!!
Tim Simmons


nice site Ivor. Glad to see the misty giraffes are in there - my favourite and the water vole with the daisy - like that too
Helen Webb

Great talent!

Ivor, the link to your website was sent to me by PBOS and how delighted I am to see these fantastic photographs; I knew you were keen but I didn't realise that you are simply brilliant - well done! Best, Andy
Andy Benford

RE: Seen at North Meadow Cricklade

Hi Ivor,

Great website.

Cheers Gary
Gary Chalker


Amazing collection of pictures. I like all of them.
Magda Wolna

Your website

Congratulations Ivor - a fabulous display of your amazing talent!


well Ivor you have worked hard and it shows. Some fabulous photos across a good range. Truly up there with the best - well done
helen webb

A fine selection.

A great diverse selection of super photo's.
You might eventually branch out to a bit of Street Photography! -- I'm sure you can do it!

Fantastic pictures

Well done mate. It is great to see your skill and expertise being given a wider platform. I am sure everyone who logs on will be be as impressed as I am.
Bill Swan


Wow. Never seen so many great and inspirational photos. Hopefully i'll capture some great ones too one day. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing them :)
Dean Jones

Fantastic website

Ivor your photos are fantastic I loved all of them especially the reflections.
Lin Lancaster


A superb website. As a fellow member of Oxford Photographic Society, I would like to thank Ivor for all the time and effort he puts into helping us all especially those of us interested in wildlife photography. a truly inspirational photographer.
Dave Atkinson

Great pics

Great wildlife pics
William Hall


A great web-site, just right for showing off (part of) your portfolio of great pictures! Look forward to seeing some ore of the rest....

Tony Tarry

Your Website

A wonderful showcase for your wildlife photography; very impressive. I look forward to visiting again and seeing your latest additions.
Philip Joyce

Great web site

Great site....awesome sequence of the bears....nice one keep up the good work.
John Richards


Peter West

new site

Well at last! into the digital arena,Fantastic set of images,but where is the rest,we all know you have thousands more,lets see them soon. Your mate Harry.
Harry Harris

Just wow

Just loved looking through your amazing images Ivor, quite inspirational.
Brenda Gratwicke

20 hits and counting

Nice one Ivor the galleries are just the right size and packed with wonderful images (my wife liked the bears, not the blurred one ) thanks for the link I have returned the favour, that should get your hits up.
Jeff Coles


Hi Ivor,
Great to see your web-site. Now you can show your work to the public at large with just click of a button!
There are excellent images some of which I had not seen before. Keep it up now that you have mastered digital technology!
bharat patel


I love them, every one of them and I am pretty sure this is where I get my photography talent from albeit a different subject matter, I have never been prouder looking through a website in my life. Beautiful work, simply breathtaking
Julian Porter